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About me

I am a postdoc working on network visualization at Visual+Interactive Data group the University of Edinburgh, funded by the Semi-automatic Data Tours to Support Data Exploration and Visualisation Literacy for Novice Analysts grant.

Previous postions

As an undergraduate, I studied Natural Sciences at Trinity College Cambridge for two years, then switched courses and studied the third and fourth years of the Engineering Tripos. I then did a D.Phil in Synthetic Biology at the University of Oxford.

After completing my D.Phil work, I was a visualisation researcher at Imperial College London’s Data Science Institute, working with using their large high-resolution tiled display (the Data Observatory). I was part of the team that develops the software that controls this environment, including the OVE framework, and I also created visualizations in a range of domains.

I then moved to the Centre for Population Approaches for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention within the Nuffield Department of Population Health/Big Data Institute at the University of Oxford. There, I worked on a tool that scrapes the websites of online retailers in order to construct a longitudinal dataset of the prices and nutritional content of foods (FoodDB).

During the COOVID-19 pandemic, I started also working part-time as a Research Associate in the Visual+Interactive Data group at the University of Edinburgh. My main project was to create a tool to help support the writing of local clinical guidelines by enabling clinicians to find similar existing guidelines that have been shared. However, I also produced some other interactive calculators for the ISARIC 4C consortium.