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Bookmarklet for Oxford Off-Campus Journal Access

I often want to read academic papers that are behind paywalls on my laptop when it is not connected to an internal university network.

Whilst I could use the university VPN, I may not want to route all of my network traffic through it - I just want a proxy for a single URL.

When I was at Cambridge they advertised a useful bookmarklet for Off-Campus Journal Access - you could add it to your bookmarks menu, then:

“When on a journal page that should provide full text access under a Cambridge subscription, click on the ‘Reload URL for off campus access’ text in your browsers’ bookmark bar to reload the page via our proxy server. You may be prompted to login with a Raven username and password.”

I tried to find an equivalent bookmarklet for Oxford, but couldn’t, so resorted to modifying the Cambridge one. I present it here to help anyone else Googling for it.

The URL to bookmark is:


Or you can simply drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Oxford Off-Campus Access.

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